divx plugin & KDE 3.0
the current state of the divx plugin is, that it
does not work on KDE 3.0.
If you have interest to fix it, please send
me a patch, I don't think that it will be too much work.

divx 0.1.8      : added missing audio_out.h
mpeg2 0.1.4     : same

Update for KDE 2.2

- mpeglib 0.4.1 : TS Support. Layer 2.5, mpeg audio decoder speedup
                  re-init if frequency changes. stability improvement
- divx 0.1.7    : new wine loader. (Fixes a segfault on my machine)
                  AC3 support.
- mpeg2 0.1.3   : AC3,mpeg2dec now included

Additional NOTE : don't install mpeglib if you have already KDE 2.2 
                  and kdemultimedia installed !

                  This saves you: 
		                  a) bandwidth 
				  b) compile time
		                  c) less possible compile bugs


0.8.5 (libsplay)
- made the mp3 decoder a standalone lib.
- speedup + compliance tests

- Win32 port by Georg Waldschmidt. You need SDL-1.1.8
  for Windows, and you can download it here: http://www.libsdl.org/
  Please unzip VisualC.zip and read VisualC.html.
- mpeg2 plugin update.
  converted mpeg2Plugin to the mpeg2dec-0.2.0 API.
  Please read the README/INSTALL in this package _carefully_

- mpeg2 plugin update.
  Christian wrote updates for mpeg2dec (CVS) and ac3dec (CVS)
  SVCD playback is now possible too (you need to use a command
  line switch to select the audiodecoder)
  seeking implemented, but does not work always (re-init problem
  in ac3dec/mpeg2dec) Please read the INSTALL, when running
  the plugins in KDE 2.1

- smaller code changes.

streamin extension:
- first experimental streaming extension.
  (You can connect a mp3decoder to a vorbis encoder)
  Please make sure that you have ogg/vorbis installed
  and that the libs are found during configure

divx 0.1.5:
- opendivx support.
  You need the libdivxdecore from:

  make sure to install the lib with --prefix=/usr

divx 0.1.4:
- patches to compile on old 3.3.x XServers, without XV.
  (Many thanks to Christian Gerlach and Andreas Pour)

-mpeglib 0.3.7
- code cleanup
- bugfix: fullscreen -> deskmode switch at eof (by Christian)
- SDL threads are now used in SDL compile instead of pthread
- struct -> class changes

divxplugin 0.1.3
* -2 -m do work now (use this for slow cpus)
* decoder more robust against buggy streams
* Christian Gerlach wrote YUV21 hardwarescaling
  for 3dfx cards and found a memory leak.
  (The memory leak may lead to skipped frames after some time)

- RGB->YUV21 ditherer support (needed for divx with 3dfx cards)
  (Christian Gerlach)

- new X11 output system which make switching fullscreen,
  doublesize and normal desk mode easier.
  Many thanks to Christian Gerlach for this faeture.
- doublesize dither for RGB images
- cdda/vorbisplugin now part of mpeglib

cdda plugin version 0.0.1
- initial version.
  BUILD with ./configure --with-cdparanoia=[PATH]
  yaf-cdda currently does not work.
  to test example:
  cd cddalib/example/cddaplay/
  ./cddaplay "/dev/sgc track:2.cdda"
- Or test the artsd plugin with mpeglibartsplay:
  mpeglibartsplay "/dev/sgc track:2.cdda"

divxplugin Version 0.1.1
* the divx codecs now works with xv directly. 
  Many thanks to Christian Gerlach. He has implemented 
  YUY2 support in mpeglib and made the divxVideoPlugin work with it.
* Many thanks to Eugene Kuznetsov and the avifile developers, who
  have discovered this cool feature!
* Christian made the rgb->yuvv ditherer re-entrant.
* made this version compile with mpeglib-0.3.4, which is now required.

divxplugin Version 0.1.0
* the library should load now other codecs as well (INDEO,...)
* XV support.
  Many thanks to Christian Gerlach for providing RGB to YUV
  converters for 16/24/32 bit color depth in C and MMX!
  (The converters are currently not reentrant.)
* If we detect a graphic card with XV support we convert
  the RGB images to YUV and pass them to the hardware scaler.

Version 0.2.4
- hacked ac3dec/mpeg2dec so they no longer share the same (globally)
  symbols->vob player now works.

Version 0.2.3
- added yaf frontends for ac3,mpeg2
- added ac3 and mpeg2 player (an mpeg2 demuxer is still missing)

Version 0.2.2

- moved the picture construction in the outputstream
- images are now "smoother" Its a good balance between fast/nice images
- SDL sound now works
- wrapper for video and sound. sound over SDL does not work->bug?
- wrapper for threads (SDL does not support try-lock and condition variables)
- directories restructured lib/* now installs as library
- added yaf backends for testing the decoders
- first release

good old days:

- added the -b switch to the command line player yaf-mpgplay.
  This delays the audio. Maybe I get an idea to do this better.
  120 KB simulated audioBuffer worked fine for me.
- stopped working on the audio/video sync problem. A correct a/v
  sync must re-create the audio/video packets from the encoded
  packet stream. This is a bit of work, for now, I use some
  heuristics which worked for my teststreams.
- sync now perfect.
- more perfect
- sync even better
- mmx code for 16/32 bit displays in mpeg video player.The 16 bit mxx
  code is from NIST an mpeg 2 video/DVD player.
- compiles under debian. Many thanks to Laurent Bonnaud for his patch.
- fixed the "play next on end" bug
- Many thanks to Jose Pedro Sousa do Amaral for his help on the 
  alpha port.
- the sync problem on fast machines seems to be solved (tested
  on dual P400 and PIII 500)
- many thanks to Patrick Koppen. The Sync routine now orders the stream
  into video/audio  and calculates the a/v ratio locally instead of global.
- changed the names of the backend players from xyz-yaf to yaf-xyz.
  yaf-splay : mp3
  yaf-tplay : wav/au
  yaf-mpgplay : mpeg video. Use the commandline player for increased
  speed and better audio/video sync.