MPEG I library.

This library contains:

* mpeg I audio player (layer I,II,III (mp3))
* mpeg I video player
* mpeg I system layer player
* wav player

State April 2006. 
package will get an update from the latest KDE CVS
The resulting source will be put into the sourceforge
filerelease system.

Supported features:

* direct/fast seek in all players
* length detection
* video synchronisation, based on timestamps
* mmx Support where necessary
* VBR/ID3 support for mp3
* shoutcast/icecast support
* CDI/Video CD support
* plugin architecture for input,decoder,output

Supported Outputs:


Support for OSS/Linux, Sun


X11 standard calls (fallback)
X11 Shared mem
X11 XFree86 4.0 DGA 2.0 (needs root)
X11 XFree86 4.0 XVideo Extension (hardware yuv->rgb renderer)

Supported Inputs

* file,http.
* Supports on Linux Video CDs (vcd,cdi)


This library make heavily use of threads.
In order to build it you need a newer distribution wich includes
egcs and glibc with a _working_ pthreads-library.
The library includes simple interactive command line frontends "yaf"
and a few simple examples.

Distributions which works:

- RedHat 5.1 (Intel/Alpha)
- Debian 2.0 (Intel/Alpha)
- Suse 6.0
- DLD 6.0
- FreeBSD, compiles but doesn't work very well.

Distributions which _not_ work:

- RedHat 7.0 Its unbelievable buggy
- RedHat <= 5.0
- SuSe <= 5.3
- older libc based systems(Caldera)